Comparison of available Scrum Certification training programs.

ProviderFMFA inc.Scrum.orgcPrime (Scrum Alliance)
Course(s)Journeyman Scrum

(Combines PSM I, PSPO I, PSD, SPS)

Total: $2,995
Professional Scrum Foundations $1,500 (no certification)
PSM I $1,295
PSPO I $1,295
PSD $2,200
SPS $1,890

Total: $8,180
CSM $1,250
CSPO $1,250
SAFe $995

Total: $3,495
Duration: 8 weeks Professional Scrum Foundations: 2 days
PSM I: 2 days
PSPO I: 2 days
PSD: 3 days
SPS: 2 days

Total: 11 days
CSM: 2 days
CSPO: 2 days
SAFe: 2 days

Total: 6 days
Includes Jira Agile Basics training Yes
Eligible for tuition reimbursement through California EDD (via ETPL) Yes
Includes an actual 6 week software development project benefiting a not-for-profit organization Yes
More than 70% of unemployed graduates have found work Yes No information available No information available