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Do you need capable people to play the role of Scrum Master or Scrum Product Owner for your organization? Are you tired of reading resume after resume, wondering if the people who submitted them really understand the Scrum Framework?
Finding capable and qualified professionas to play the Scrum roles is difficult. Part of the reason is that our normal filtering critera (certifications and years of experience) are often deceptive. There are at least five agencies that claim to award some kind of "Scrum Master" certification, but only one does so based on a rigorous examination testing knowledge of Scrum theory. When an applicant claims to be "certified", what does "certification" really mean?
As for using years of experience as a selection criterium, it turns out that the kind of experience matters a great deal. There are many shops that practice "Scrum-fall", or a "hybrid" form of Scrum. Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners in these places are often no more than traditional Project Managers or Product Managers in disguise. They may have been called "Scrum Professionals", but their years of experience were "S.I.N.O." (Scrum In Name Only).
Our program provides a unique way of evaluating the true skills of its graduates. In order to complete the training, each student must demonstrate their ability to use the Scrum Framework in a true software development setting. They must work a project with a real customer and real developers in order to graduate. They must also do so under the watchful eye of Fred Fowler.
Fred Fowler is not just an instructor in this role. He has been a CIO and a VP of Information Technology in his career, as well as being one of only about 50 people in the US to have earned the highest Scrum certifidcation available, the PSM III. This puts Mr. Fowler into a very good position to evaluate whether students have truly "gotten it" or not.
Fred Fowler is happy to recommend his students to employers looking for quality Scrum talent. He also invites employers to come and see these students in action. Come sit in of a few sessions where the Scrum Masters and Scrum Product Owners are working with their teams. Quiz them. Ask them questions. Come see for yourselves what they can do.
Would you like to talk to us about checking out our students? if so, please click here to register. You will be contacted shortly to discuss details and scheduling.

You may also call SiliconValleyScrum at (408) 357-9878 or e-mail Fred Fowler at