How to enroll:
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There are several ways to enroll, depending on the program or agency you wish to use.
Using Unemployment Insurance Training funding..
At present, four of our offerings appear on the State of California Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and may be paid for with state funds. These are Scrum Master Bootcamp the Journeyman Scrum course, the Journeyman Scrum Developer course and the Advanced Scrum Case Studies course.. PLEASE NOTE: Fred Fowler is an adjunct professor at the Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute in San Jose, Ca., and these classes appear on the ETPL as part of SVPTI's offerings. The first class is listed as Scrum Master Bootcamp and the second class is called Scrum and Jira Training. To take advantage of California EDD Training funds, you must enroll through your local WIOA agency. There is at least one WIOA agency in each county in the state of California. A few of them are: Here is a link to a list of WIOA offices in California.

Classes begin on a monthly basis. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for a student to be qualified for training funds through a WIOA agency. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Using Scholarship funding through the Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) organization.
SiliconValleyScrum. is proud to annoounce that all of its training classes are now eligible for scholarship funding through the Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) agency in San Fransicso, Ca. Qualifying applicants may have 100% of their training costs paid by JVS.

Please note: Applicants must qualify in order to receive scholarships and otherr restrictions apply. Please see the Scholarships page for more information.

Click here to visit the JVS website to enroll and/or get more information about their Technology Scholearships program.

Enrolling directly with SiliconValleyScrum.
Students who do not wish to enroll in SiliconValleyScrum training classes through a 3rd party agency are invited to enroll directly. Click here to join our mailing list and we will contact your shortly to discuss your training needs. Click here for a price list of our offerings. Feel free to contact us using the phone number or e-mail address on our Contact us page.

Would you like to talk to us about enrolling? if so, please click here to register. You will be contacted shortly to discuss details and scheduling.

You may also call SiliconValleyScrum at (408) 357-9878 or e-mail Fred Fowler at