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How to enroll.

There are several ways to fund your training, depending on Athe program or agency you wish to use.
Using Scholarship funding through the Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) organization.
The Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) organization is a not-for-profit social services organization whose mission is to help the long-term unemployed find new employment. They raise money and fund training programs of various kinds.

Recently, JVS received a special grant from the Government of the United States. This grant provides generous funding for training programs with very few restrictions. All applicnts must be Long term unemployed which means that it must have been at least six months since the applicant held a good job.

There is an important limitation of the use of the money, however. The purpose of the grant is to measure the effectiveness of remedial job training. In order to do so, applicants must be divided into two groups. One group of applicants will have their training fully funded. The other group will be a control group that will receive no funding.

The ability to find new work will be tracked for both groups. The hope is that the effectiveness of the training programs will be proven and will unlock future funding with no such restrictions attached.

The selection process that divides applicants into the training group and the control group is called the Lottery. Almost all applicsnts must face the Lottery in order to be accepted for training.

There is one exception to this rule. Veterans who are long term unemployed are exempt from the Lottery.

If you served your country honorably and have been unemployed (or underempoyed) for at least six months and are otherwise qualified, you may apply for the program with little fear of rejection.

JVS is looking for participants who:
  • Have a clear, tech-related target job, such as front-end web designer, data analyst or scrum project manager, to name just a few examples.
  • Have transferable skills and related work experience that, when combined with skills training, make them competitive for their target job.
  • Are self-directed learners who thrive in diverse learning environments, including fast-paced classroom instruction, project-based learning and/or online training platforms.
  • Have the motivation and ability to take charge of their own education.
  • Can commit to classes by the training provider and job search workshops and coaching sessions at JVS, or by phone, when appropriate.
  • This program is designed for people who have been unemployed for 6 months or more or are underemployed; however, we encourage all job seekers to apply.
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in the United States.
Application process:
  • Fill out the online interest form on the JVS Website.
  • Schedule and participate in a 30 minute phone interview.
  • Fill out and return the JVS Career Exploration Guide.
  • Attend an in-person 60 minute career planning meeting.
  • Take part in the lottery.
Note: The Career Exploration Guide process involves researching job openings for the job title you are looking for. is an excellent tool for doing this research. Please be aware that the PSM I, PSPO I and PSD certificates from are the equivalent of the CSM, CSPO and CSD certifications from the Scrum Alliance. Wherever you see "CSM" on a job description, for instance, the "PSM I" certification applies as well. We recommend putting "PSM I (equivalent to CSM)" on resumes.

Note: The JVS application process involves researching available training alternatives.
Click here to visit the JVS website to enroll and/or get more information about their Technology Scholarships program.

Payment options offered by SiliconValleyScrum
Students who do not qualify for either EDD funding or JVS funding are encouraged to contact us anyway. We offer flexible payment plans in order to make it possible for those who need training to receive it.

For those students who are currently employed, we offer both discounts for up-front payment of tuition and also a long term financing plan that allows for installment payments for up to two years.

For those students who are not currently employed, we offer a payment holiday during the period you are unemployed. In efffect you may receive training now and owe nothing until you once again find work. Click here for a price list of our offerings. Feel free to contact us using the phone number or e-mail address on our Contact us page.

Would you like to talk to us about enrolling? if so, please click here to register. You will be contacted shortly to discuss details and scheduling.

You may also call SiliconValleyScrum at (408) 357-9878 or e-mail Fred Fowler at