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SiliconValleyScrum is seeking clients from WIOAs outside of the San Francisco Bay Area for a one time pro-bono training opportunity. SiliconValleyScrum needs four volunteer students to participate in a special session of the Scrum Master Bootcamp course to be conducted online using a video-conference format. Students will receive training that should let them take and pass the Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I) certification assessment offered by

This will be the first time tne Scrum Master Bootcamp course has ever been offered online. Once the technique has been proved out in practice this training will be made available throughout California via the ETPL.

If you represent a WIOA and would like to refer clients for this opportunity, please call (408) 357-9878 or send e-mail to

SiliconValleyScrum has been working with NOVA in Sunnyvale, Ca since the Spring of 2015. Our first class was a "beta test" done with NOVA clients on a pro-bono basis. The results were so good that SiliconValleyScrum has continued to use NOVA as a source of pro-bono test students ever since.
In the fall of 2015, SiliconValleyScrum formed a working partnership with the Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute. A few months later the first combined "Scrum and Jira" class was offered. This class was the first course of its kind to be approved by the California Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education (BPPE) and to be included in the California qualified Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). To date, this course has been taught to close to 100 students through WIOA agencies including NOVA, Work2Future in San Jose Ca., The Alameda Country "One Stop Shop" and the Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board
SiliconValleyScrum and the Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute are actively looking for other WIOAs to partner with. We feel we can offer great value to WIOA clients in parts of California where there is a significant software development industry footprint. In addition to Silicon Valley and San Francisco,we are especially interested in areas in Los Angeles, Burbank and Orange County. Preliminary logistical research has confirmed our ability to offer our combined classroom and hand-on-experience programs in these regions.
We are also adapting some of the training so that it can be presented in a "live online" format. We've already conducted successful test classes in a variety of technical subjects. We're looking for pro-bono clients now for an experimental "video conference" based Scrum Master Bootcamp" class in the near future.
Our goal with the video conference based training is to be able to offer effective learning opportunities to clients regardless of their location. When this technique is fully perfected we will be able to combine clients from different WIOAs into a single virtual classroom. Scrum Master certification will be available to everyone in California regardless of their proximity to an urban center.
Would you like to talk to us about working with your clients? if so, please click here to register. You will be contacted shortly to discuss details and scheduling.

You may also call SiliconValleyScrum at (408) 357-9878 or e-mail Fred Fowler at