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The test questions are really good. They include a wide range of questions in Scrum. The tool is also pretty simple and user friendly. I like it :)

...I quickly glanced through the results.. the mapping of questions against the various areas is good. I recall my PMP result in similar fashion few years ago.. over all, I recommend this high. .

Kiran Tripurari,Scrum Master | Agile Coach:

...This is great!

Leena Bagwe, Program Manager

...Not a bad test

Michael Wollin, Enterprise Agile Coach

Nice - will keep this in mind

Sayi Sarat Chandra Parvatam -- Agile Coach / Agile Project Manager

I will definitely ask my recruiter to have the candidates’ Scrum/Agile skills assessement on SiliconValleyScrum.com

Prachi Pawar, Associate Team Lead


SiliconValleyScrum.com is proud to present our set of online Technical Interviews for Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Developer candidates. These interviews are both rigorous and comprehensive. They provide vital information as to applicants' true knowledge of Scrum/Agile.

These interviews have been designed by internationally recognized Scrum/Agile expert Fred Fowler. They measure the actual Scrum/Agile knowledge of each applicant and report it in an easy to understand form.

Hiring managers: Ask your recruiters and sourcers to provide our technical interview results with each candidate they supply.

No one would hire a candidate without checking their references. How about checking their Scrum/Agile "references"? How about a "Scrum/Agile background check"?

There are six different organizations worldwide that award Scrum Master "Certifications." Their quality and content vary and it is hard to tell just what having such a certification actually means.

The SiliconValleyScrum.com technical interviews provide a standardized assessment of an applicant's skills no matter which certification he or she may hold. They provide a way to do an "apples to apples" comparison of candidates.

Recruiters/hiring professionals: use our technical interviews to identify the best candidates in the pool.

The key to success in modern recruiting is speed and efficiency. A single advertisement on a job board can result in dozens of resumes with very similar qualifications. How are the best candidates in the batch to be found? Just talking to each one can take many hours. Also, the best candidate may be the one with the worst looking resume.

Let SiliconValleyScrum.com interview your candidates for you! For as little as $9.95 per interview we will evaluate their actual knowledge of Scrum/Agile. We'll send individual detailed reports about each candidate and also provide spreadsheets of the results for easy comparison.

Using SiliconValleyScrum.com technical interviews let's you identify the most qualified candidates quickly and easily. Wnat's more, when you submit them you can include our evaluation reports as proof of their knowledge of Scrum/Agile.

How it works

Technical interviews are done with interview codes. If a candidate is to be interviewed, they are given an interview code that allows them to access the appropriate technical interview within the SiliconValleyScrum.com website. They proceed to take the interview, and when they are finished the results are sent to the interview code owner.

To obtain an interview code, drop down the Purchase and manage interview codes menu and click on the Purchase interview codes opption

The results are reported in a document like this: (click here)

It is also possible to add your own questions to the interview. These are called suppliemental questions and they can be added to the interview codes owned by you.

Drop down the Purchase and manage interview codes menu and use the Manage your interview codes option to add supplemental questions.

The responses to supplemental questions are reported in a document like this: (click here)

Results for an interview code can be downloaded in spreadsheet form, like this: (click here)

Drop down the Purchase and manage interview codes and click on Your interview code results to review the reports and download the results in spreadsheet form.

Interview codes can be purchased for one, four, ten, twenty or one hundred interviews. We also offer unlimited interview codes good for one month, six months or one year.

Our unlimited codes also come with our concierge service. Just give us the email addresses of your candidates and we'll do the rest.

Never guess about a candidate's Scrum qualifications again!
Let SiliconValleyScrum.com's technical interviews measure and confirm them for you.