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Improve your Scrum/Agile knowledge with our self study tools..

Whether you are completely new to Scrum and Agile or you are a veteran who wishes to brush up on a few topics, we have Self Study resources that can help.

Books and Materials

Our Books and materials link gives access to important Scrum/Agile documents and literature.

Practice assessments

SiliconValleyScrum.com offers a powerful set of leaning tools that take the form of practice assessments. These assessments are similar to the free ones we offer, but with one important difference. The Free Assessments give an overall score when they are completed. The practice assesments give an overall score, but they also give access to results on a question by question basis. The score for each question is shown as well as an explanation of how to arrive at the correct answer.

We've found that taking these practice assessments is a very effective way to learn and understand the material behind them. Seeing a question and answering it forces a student to think about the subject. Getting results for the question along with an explanation of it helps them refine their knowledge of the subject. If they have answered correctly their correct understanding of the material is reenforced. If the answer was wrong the explanation helps them correct their misunderstanding.

Students have been able to prepare for and pass the SiliconValleyScrum.com Advanced Scrum Master (ASM) certification (and its Scrum.org equivalent, the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification) simply by taking the ASM practice examination again and again until they have mastered the material.

Self-paced lectures

For those who prefer a more structured presentation of relevant material, SiliconValleyScrum.com offers a set of self-paces lectures covering the Scrum Framework and the Agile Manifesto in detail.

These lectures consist of sets of "powerpoint" type slides with accompanying audio commentary. They are based on the materials used by Fred Fowler to provide classroom style Scrum/Agile training. Fred has trained more than 300 Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers in classrooms in Asia, Central America and the United States using these materials. They are "tried and true".

Once they have been purchased these materials remain in the student's SiliconValleyScrum.com online "library" indefinitely.

SiliconValleyScrum.com Certifications

For those who wish to prepare for a specific level of Scrum/Agile expertise, SiliconValleyScrum.com offers a set of Scrum Certifications at the Basic, Advanced and Expert levels.

The Basic Scrum Master (BSM), Basic Scrum Product owner (BSPO) and Basic Scrum Developer (BSD) certifications are roughly equivalent to the Scrum Alliance's CSM, CSPO and CSD certifications, respectively. They are also equivalenty to the International Scrum Institue's SMAC, SPOAC, and STMAC certifications.

The Advanced Scrum Master (ASM), Advanced Scrum Product owner (ASPO) and Advanced Scrum Developer (ASD) certifications are roughly equivalent to the Scrum.org PSM I, PSPO I and PSD certifications. The ASM is also roughly equivalent to the Scrum Alliance's CSP certification.

The Master of the Scrum Framework (MSF) certifications is roughly equivalent to the Scrum.org PSM II certification.

We offer a set of training "bundles" to help students prepare for these certifications. Each bundle includes a number of relevant self-paces lectures and practice assessments. Three attempts at the associated certification examination are also included. These bundles have been used by students to earn both the SiliconValleyScrum.com certifications and also their Scrum.org equivalents