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Next Case: Compensation for Scrum Teams, July 14th, 7:00pm PST and July 6th, 10:00am CET and 3:00pm ICT

You are an Agile Coach. You have been retained by a mid size company that recently went through an Agile transformation. Their software development efforts are now based on Scrum Teams and each product has a product owner who is working to maximize value. So far,so good.

The CFO has retained you to give advice on an HR related problem. The basic problem boils down to the company’s compensation strategy. The CFO wants to know how to compensate technical talent fairly in an Agile environment.

The CFO knows that certain skills are more in demand than others and command a higher base pay. Many employees are taking advantage of the company’s tuition reimbursement program to get training in those skills. They also want the chance to use those skills in their work so as to gain valuable experience to put on their resumes.

The CFO is concerned that the company’s technical workforce is more interested in developing their skills than in doing the work the company needs done. She thinks the company’s compensation plan may be part of the problem.

The CFO wants to know how compensation decisions should be made in an Agile context. How should promotions and career paths be handled? How should regular evaluations and salary adjustments be structured? How can the compensation plan be used to bring the interests of the technical people into alignment with the company’s interests.

Your assignment:

1) Analyze the problem vis-a-vis the Scrum Framework.

2) Give the requested advice.