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Breaking news!

I have an important announcement to make. After receiving many requests to do so, I have decided to resume teaching my online Scrum Master course. This course prepares students to take and pass the Professional Scrum Master level I assessment offered by Scrum.org. The course will use a new book, An Introduction to the Scrum Framework that I have just finished creating. The book is based on the class material I used to teach more than 300 Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers from all over the world.

Use the Buy Books link for more information. The class will consist of five 90 minute sessions with one optional Extra Credit session at the end. The cost is only $49.95, which includes the price of the textbook.

If you just want the book, you can buy it for just $19.95. (If you have a promo code, the price can be even less.

Needless to say, this class is an experiment. It will represent a significant time commitment for me, so I will only offer the classes as long as there is interest in them. So if you are a beginner and you want to learn the Scrum Framework, sign up now! Don't wait. This offer might not stay around very long...

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Dates for the next Introduction to the Scrum Framework class:

All sessions begin at 2:00pm Pacific time

  • Session 1:

    Tuesday, October 19th
  • Session 2:

    Wednesday, October 20th
  • Session 3:

    Friday, October 22th
  • Session 4:

    Monday, October 25th
  • Session 5:

    Wednesday, October 27th
  • Session 6:

    Friday, October 29th
Registration for the classes closes on Monday, October 18th at 5:00pm Pacific time. Use the Buy Books link to register


Silicon Valley Professional Scrum.

Advanced Scrum Case Studies, meets every two weeks online at 7:00pm PDT (California time). Cases are published 24-48 hours prior to the meeting. They are sent via e-mail to people who have registered. Cases are also published below.

To join the discussion, please use this Google Meetings link:


Next Case:

Octoober 10th, 2021 Converting a team to Scrum.

When starting our engagement with a new team, we're confronted with a number of challenges. We want the team to accelerate rapidly, as do they. This week we're going to discuss possible approaches to the engagement stage, outcomes, and strategies for demonstrating the value of Scrum.

You have just been assigned to a new Scrum Team, as their Scrum Master. The team has been instructed to convert to Scrum, starting with the next iteration of their product. No Product Owner has been assigned or stepped forward, yet. The Development team members are interested in improving their performance, but wary.

Assess the situation, using the Scrum framework. We'll discuss prioritization of tasks relevant to the situation, and alternative approaches.

Books by Fred Fowler:

An Introduction to the Scrum Framework--buy PDF here with promo code discounts,

(San Francisco, Silicon Valley Scrum Press, 2021)

A comprehensive introduction the the Scrum Framework designed to give beginners a solid foundation upon which to build understanding. It can be used for self study but it also serves as the textbook for the online class of the same name.

Advanced Scrum Case Studies--buy ebook or paperback on Amazon.com,

Advanced Scrum Case Studies--buy paperback here with promo code discounts,

(San Francisco, Silicon Valley Scrum Press, 2021)

Representing the collective experience of numerous Scrum practitioners, this book consists of 15 case studies involving problems of Agile transformation, onshore-offshore teams, scaled Scrum, cross-team dependencies, cross-functionality, self-management, Scrum mastery, product ownership, Sprint planning, engineering management, road maps, and stakeholders. Each case includes a detailed description of the problem, relevant background information, and a thorough explanation of how to apply the tools of the Scrum framework to resolve the problem. The material in this book comes from discussions held within the Silicon Valley Professional Scrum meetup group. Organized by Fred Fowler in 2015, this group has held regular Advanced Scrum Case Study discussions ever since. Each discussion revolves around a particular problem situation proposed by either Fred Fowler or another group member. Since its inception in 2015, the group has grown to more than 2,000 members coming from all parts of the world.

Fred’s case study sessions are amazing. [They] present real-life scenarios, and challenge fellow Agilists to critically examine them and discuss possible solutions... Participants are highly engaged when they are presenting and discussing these scenarios... This book is worth buying for that reason alone.

Larry Apke
Author of Understanding The Agile Manifesto: A Brief & Bold Guide to Agile and Managers from Hell, The PMO is Dead, and Other Agile Stories

From our Meetup friend Murali:

Hi Fred, Good evening. I wish to add more to the advantages of reading your Advanced Scrum Mastery Book. It is a MUST Reading for Scrum Master (New or Veterans), Product Owners, Agile Coaches. The case studies you covered in the Book are very common situations that happen in many organizations whether they are new to Agile (Scrum) or experienced, this will definitely help them understand and resolve it. CHEATSHEET this book also helps Scrum Master, Agile Coaches during their interviews. Plus build a case, when you are looking for consultancy opportunities. As I mentioned after reading your book few times, I strongly recommend, MUST reading for those who wish to succeed in Agile (Scrum). Once again thank you so much Fred for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge with people like me and others. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BOOK. Thanks and all my best, Murali

Professional Conference:

Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley. Tentative schedule: Spring 2022.