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Get experience as a Scrum Master or a Product owner
through the Silicon Valley Scrum
Apprentice program.

Apprentices form Scrum teams to create products for not-for-profit organizations. They do this with support and coaching from Fred Fowler, a PSM III level Professional Scrum Master with almost 20 years of Scrum experience. He provides daily personalized coaching sessions from the time the Apprentices enter the program through the successful delivery of the products.

Applicants must be interviewed and accepted by Fred Fowler before they are enrolled. There is a monthly fee of $79.95 starting with enrollment and ending when the team’s product is delivered.

Scrum Apprentice Program content:

Fred Fowler will provide daily coaching to help Apprentice develop and deliver products successfully.

Phase 1

Phase 2





To apply, go to https://tpbs.svscrum.com

. current Scrum Apprentice program products in development:
The S. V. Entrepreneurs Toastmasters clProduct OwnerFrederik M. Fowler PSM IIIScrum MasterMarek KocourekStatus: Recruiting developersRebuild a website for the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters club serving Entrepreneurs and Career minded job seekers.


  • Marek Kocourek
  • Eddie Padilla
  • Biplab Subedi
  • Greg Renfro
  • Syscily N Brown
Boys Scouts - Chaplain Website RedesignScrum MasterFNU BhuvaneswariProduct OwnerSantosh TungalStatus: SprintingTo create website where BoyScout families and Chaplains can get information about Badges and events


  • FNU Bhuvaneswari
  • Junior
  • Abhay Raghavendra
  • Santosh Tungal
Eugene Gay Men's Chorus Music DatabaseScrum MasterAllen JuneauProduct OwnerMarco Brun del ReStatus: Product DeliveredThe Eugene Gay Men's Chorus new music database build will support their mission of bringing choral singing and musical arts to the community and to help them more effectively facilitate public performances. The EGMC's current sheet music library is the culmination of countless hours of passionate work and thousands of dollars of investment, and an effective and user-friendly database, complete with multiple search functions to best service EGMC's needs, will bring proper respect to the maintenance and active use of this library.


  • Allen Juneau
  • Abhay Raghavendra
Elk Run Farm Crop PlanningScrum MasterHilary S WillisProduct OwnerHilary S WillisStatus: Product DeliveredTransform out dated, hard to use, system of crop planning spreadsheets into a working software that offers user ease of use, more accurate information, and saves time and resources so the farm can deliver their products to their customers more efficiently.


  • Hilary S Willis
  • Ashli Cameron

open not-for-profit needs:
Yoruba School AustraliaRequire update to their current website towards optimizing their e-learning platform. To discuss further towards developing epics to be broken down.
Kathmandu Medical Clinic softwareCreate graphical displays and flexible reports out of spreadsheet data generated by a new medical records database
Compro96 North AmericaCreate a website for a not-for-profit organization benefitting Compro96 School in Nigeria
Brain emulation game project websiteGoal - We need an informative website "landing page" alike, to promote our GAME to general audience with highlights about AI and Brain Emulation;
Kathmandu Medical Clinic software -2Adapt Medical Records database for use in outlying areas of Nepal
Kathmandu Medical Clinic software -3Medication inventory system. Keep track of on-hand supply, record dispense and replenishment activity. Notify purchasing when supplies run low.

The Scrum Apprentice program provides an opportunity to earn REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE using the Scrum Framework to create products for not-for-profit organizations.

Fred Fowler coaches Scrum Master/Product Owner pairs to create product backlogs, recruit developer teams and create REAL PRODUCTS benefitting worthy causes. This experience can be shown on resumes and Fred Fowler will give letters of recommendation to successful participants.

The number of participants able to join the program is limited. To be cpnsidered you must join a waiting list

To get onto the waiting list, do that following:

If you are a Developer and would like to work on volunteer projects

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@siliconvalleyscrum.com


The Silicon Valley Professional Scrum Advanced Scrum Case Studies Meetup meets every two weeks online.

Cases are published on this website 24-48 hours prior to the meeting.

To join the discussion, please use this Google Meetings link: meet.google.com/dfm-gbij-yar

Next Case: , October 8th, 7:00pm PST and October 14th, 11:00am CEST

You are a Product Owner working for a contract software development company. Your company makes software for its clients. You have a problem with one of the clients, in that the client stakeholder wants to manage the project along waterfall lines. He has given very detailed requirements that spell out how each feature is to be implemented. He was a software developer himself about 10 years ago and still considers himself to be an expert. Unfortunately, his software skills are 10 years out of date. His requirements call for the use of old techniques that have been replaced by more modern ones a long time ago.

Your assignment:

Books by Fred Fowler: (Use the Buy books link to purchase them)

An Introduction to the Scrum Framework

(San Francisco, Silicon Valley Scrum Press, 2021)

A comprehensive introduction the the Scrum Framework designed to give beginners a solid foundation upon which to build understanding.

Advanced Scrum Case Studies

(San Francisco, Silicon Valley Scrum Press, 2021)

Representing the collective experience of numerous Scrum practitioners, this book consists of 15 case studies involving problems of Agile transformation, onshore-offshore teams, scaled Scrum, cross-team dependencies, cross-functionality, self-management, Scrum mastery, product ownership, Sprint planning, engineering management, road maps, and stakeholders. Each case includes a detailed description of the problem, relevant background information, and a thorough explanation of how to apply the tools of the Scrum framework to resolve the problem. The material in this book comes from discussions held within the Silicon Valley Professional Scrum meetup group. Organized by Fred Fowler in 2015, this group has held regular Advanced Scrum Case Study discussions ever since. Each discussion revolves around a particular problem situation proposed by either Fred Fowler or another group member. Since its inception in 2015, the group has grown to more than 2,000 members coming from all parts of the world.

Fred’s case study sessions are amazing. [They] present real-life scenarios, and challenge fellow Agilists to critically examine them and discuss possible solutions... Participants are highly engaged when they are presenting and discussing these scenarios... This book is worth buying for that reason alone.

Larry Apke
Author of Understanding The Agile Manifesto: A Brief & Bold Guide to Agile and Managers from Hell, The PMO is Dead, and Other Agile Stories

From our Meetup friend Murali:

Hi Fred, Good evening. I wish to add more to the advantages of reading your Advanced Scrum Mastery Book. It is a MUST Reading for Scrum Master (New or Veterans), Product Owners, Agile Coaches. The case studies you covered in the Book are very common situations that happen in many organizations whether they are new to Agile (Scrum) or experienced, this will definitely help them understand and resolve it. CHEATSHEET this book also helps Scrum Master, Agile Coaches during their interviews. Plus build a case, when you are looking for consultancy opportunities. As I mentioned after reading your book few times, I strongly recommend, MUST reading for those who wish to succeed in Agile (Scrum). Once again thank you so much Fred for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge with people like me and others. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT BOOK. Thanks and all my best, Murali

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